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Welcome to Wagging Rights Dog Training

When you're searching for a professional dog trainer in Geneva, St. Charles, Bartlett, Batavia, Bloomingdale, South Elgin, Schaumburg IL and other surrounding areas (look at the bottom of the page for all service areas) , look no further than your friends at Wagging Rights. From eight-week-old energetic puppies up to older, aggressive dogs, we can give your dog the training it needs to make man's best friend even better. By providing guidance, leadership and structure in our training sessions, we can help build a stronger bond between you and your dog and resolve a variety of unhealthy behavior problems

We analyze every individual situation and look at the whole picture to determine the root of the problem. All our dog-training programs are customizable and will fit your particular situation. Owner Tim Rains has received three professional dog training certifications. He knows how to motivate your dog through reward-based balanced training to increase the frequency of behaviors you like and decrease the frequency of the behaviors you don't. He puts great emphasis on teaching appropriate behaviors in a way that's easily understood by both owner and dog and believes that the more a dog understands what is expected of them, the less they will be corrected in the long run. He believes a big portion of dog behavior is created by how you live with your dog, for this reason he helps you create a fair set of household rules that should be followed by everyone in the household in order to ensure life long success.

Training in our classes include:

  • Barking issues
  • Behavior modification
  • Calming training
  • Jumping issues
  • Leash walking
  • Obedience training
  • Trick training
  • Fear / aggression
  • Leash reactivity
  • Off-leash training
  • Potty training
  • mouthing
  • Chewing
  • Food stealing

When you're ready for man's best friend to be the perfect companion you've dreamed of, call Wagging Rights at (847) 682-2116.

Recommended Supplies List


High value food rewards, I suggest Sojos freeze dried meats. I break these up into small pieces. They contain just 1 ingredient and have a wide variety of meats to keep your dog interested and avoid food allergies. Freeze dried treats immediately soften when they touch dogs saliva. www.sojos.com/freeze-dried-meat-treats Happy Howie’s food rolls are a […]

Why do some behaviors need to be corrected?


This is very long answer that I will try my best to brief. Training with just positive reinforcement is incomplete training and can be dangerous in my opinion. I will discuss a few different situations as examples. In the case of a jumping dog, a positive only trainer would say train sit, train place, use […]

How often should I train my dog?


This depends on your dog and what you’re training. For general obedience, training is most effective when broken up into multiple small 5-20 minute sessions throughout the day. I always suggest reading the dog to make sure they are motivated enough and enjoying the process. Once you see them losing interest, increase their interest in […]

When can I stop training?


Dog training is a lifestyle, training should never stop. I compare dog training to dieting and working out. Lets say someone who normally doesn’t eat healthy or workout decides they want to lose 20lbs, so they workout for 2 months and diet, lose the weight and abruptly stop working out and eating healthy. What do […]

Do I always need to use the E collar?


In general I don’t use the E collar to teach new behaviors. I use it to make already existing behaviors more reliable. I do a conditioning session where we find the working level( the lowest level your dog feels) and teach your dog how they can “turn off” the collar. Once your dog understands the […]

Do I always need to use food?


You never want to completely remove reinforcement, however you don’t need to reward every repetition. We eventually get your dog on a differential ratio of reinforcement which means rewarding your dog for exceptional performances. This improves performance instead of rewarding at random which does not reward better than average performances. The analogy I make here […]